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New Sweden Historical Society Facts

The New Sweden Historical Society was founded in 1926 and moved into the Capitolium building in 1926, retrofitting it as a museum.

Extensive collection of artifacts from the earliest days of settlement of the area. Many portraits and photographs. Household goods including spinning wheels, fiber tools, and large weaving loom; Food preparation tools, baskets, storage boxes, grinders, etc; Laden (barn) contains collection of decorated trunks used on the journey from Sweden to Amerika, farming implements, carpentry tools, etc; Visit the Lindsten Stuga, an original pioneer family's cabin; Much more!

Originally intended as a town hall and social building, the Capitolium, as it was called, was built in 1870. It lasted in this capacity until a new town hall was built, at which point the Capitolium became a museum. It burnt down in 1971, however the museum's artifacts and its great front doors were saved from the flames. These were then incorporated into the new building, which was completed by 1974.

The New Sweden Historical Society also recently acquired the Captain Clase House and is currently in the process of trying to restore it. Nicolas Clase was one of the earliest Swedish immigrants to the region and was notable for his ability to speak English.

The Society also maintains the Capitol School Museum and Gift Shop.